Remember that time when

We chose mom’s saree for our school farewell or graduation ceremony?

Or the time a cousin outgrew her dress, which meant one thing - you were going to debut your own "homewear collection"?

This was our first brush with what felt like a community spanning generations. Brimming with stories and a common belief of treasuring our closets rather than throwing them away. 

Our aim is to make these acts of love for our planet, a way of life again.


Working with the fashion and e-commerce industry for years opened my eyes to the glaring gaps in the fashion landscape. This prodded me to think on how can we leverage tech to make circular fashion a way of life again. We're putting all our might to this mission & coming up with small and big steps to make a difference.

I also tapped into my experiences at home - from passing on heirloom pieces to the next generation to upcycling clothes to live demonstration of sustainable living still greatly inspires me. Going back to our roots can actually help us move forward easily.

That’s how Virgio is being built. It is a coming together of age-old practices and futuristic, cutting edge technology to shape a brighter and more responsible way of life.