How To Celebrate Eco-Friendly Holi In 2024 - A Quick GuideMarch 12, 2024 · Hansa Nigam

The most colourful festival of the year is just around the corner. From the mere thought of vibrant colours taking flight in the air to having fun with friends and family, Holi adds a fun element to our mundane lives.

However, in the wake of celebrations, we often forget that our fun and enjoyment might take a toll on the environment. This year, let’s take a conscious move and indulge ourselves in eco-friendly Holi celebrations. If you are considering how to go for an eco-friendly festival celebration, we have your back. Read on.

Significance Of Holi Festival

Before we dive deeper into ways of eco-friendly Holi celebration, let’s understand why we celebrate Holi.

According to Hindu Mythology, various famous tales are associated with celebrating Holi. However, the legend of Prahlad and Hiranyakashyap is extremely popular. Once, an evil king named Hiranyakshyap regarded himself as a deity and wanted everybody to worship him. His son Prahlad started worshipping Lord Vishnu, much to his fury. Hiranyakshyap asked his sister Holika to throw Prahlad into the fire while holding Prahlad because she was blessed to survive fires. This was his way of getting rid of his son. However, due to his loyalty toward Lord Prahlad was saved from the fire, but Holika had to pay a price for her evil ambition. Primarily derived from this narrative is the custom of burning Holika, also known as the "Holika dahan." This narrative also signifies the “Victory of Good Over Evil”.

This year, Holi will be celebrated on Monday, 25th March 2024.

Tips For Eco-Friendly Holi Celebration

Here’s how you can go for an eco-friendly Holi celebration in 2024:

1. Use Organic Colours

Unlike today, when markets are flooded with chemical-based colours, earlier, Holi colours were derived using flowers and plants. If you think of an eco-friendly Holi celebration this year, you can ditch those chemical-based colours and go the traditional way by opting for organic ones. Additionally, you can create your own colours using beetroot juice for red, turmeric and besan powder for yellow, and various additional combinations are possible.

2. Eco-friendly Holi Decorations

With Holi just around the corner, we have already planned how to decorate our spaces. But have you ever thought about how these decorations can harm the environment? Decorative items made using single-use plastic can contribute to environmental pollution. Hence, opt to decorate your home and spaces with your favourite plants. 

Plants are excellent eco-friendly decorations for Holi celebrations. They are the finest way of removing toxins and enhancing indoor air quality. While improving your overall well-being, these greens let you embrace nature. Indoor plants liven up your house and breathe new life into a drab interior design.

3. Opt For Eco-Friendly Gifts 

If you love to exchange gifts with your loved ones during Holi, opt for eco-friendly gifts this year. Instead of giving random routine gifts, choose practical and sustainable gifts. For instance, you can consider gifting potted plants, reusable items, or products made from sustainable materials. This spreads the word about eco-friendly festival celebrations and encourages a sustainable lifestyle.

4. Play Dry Holi

The importance of water conservation needs no explanation. In light of this, now is the ideal moment to consider moving to a dry Holi, as the traditional celebration might squander many metric tonnes of water in a single day.

 However, if you still want to play Holi while having some fun with water, make a conscious move by playing Holi in an area where plants are present. This can help the roots soak up the water. You will love having a watery Holi game this way, and the plants will appreciate the extra moisture. 

5. Make A Move Towards Circular Fashion

None of the festivals are complete without us shopping our hearts out. For the after-Holi party, too, if you are planning to get your hands on some chic dresses that make you stand out from the crowd, go the sustainable way by opting for circular fashion clothing from Virgio. 

Do not restrict your eco-friendly Holi celebration to decorations, organic colours, and gifting; instead, incorporate it into your lifestyle as well. 

Virgio brings you super cute and fashionable outfits made of high-grade natural and recycled fabrics that last longer and reflects a promise to make the world better. Pick your favourite outfit from our amazing collection featuring fabrics like cotton, viscose, and recycled polyester, and be ready to turn everyone’s heads around. 

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, opting for an eco-friendly Holi celebration is a conscious choice and a step towards a sustainable tomorrow. By making minor adjustments to our holi celebrations, we can appreciate and protect the environment while still enjoying this vibrant festival of colours. 

With Virgio, join hands in celebrating an eco-friendly Holi 2024 that benefits the environment and provides happiness without making you feel guilty.

Shout out loud, “eco-friendly Holi Hai!”

FAQs On Eco-Friendly Holi Celebration

How to celebrate eco-friendly Holi?

You can celebrate eco-friendly Holi by using organic holi colours, minimising water wastage, avoiding single-use plastic for decoration, using plants to decorate your space, and wearing clothing made using earth-friendly fabrics.  

Why is it essential to have an eco-friendly festival celebration? 

With pollution growing manifolds and environmental damage at its peak, celebrating festivals mindfully is important to aim for a sustainable future for coming generations. 

What is the meaning of an eco-friendly Holi celebration?

Choosing natural colour options like henna, sandalwood, and turmeric instead of artificial and chemical ones calls for an eco-friendly Holi celebration. They make your Holi celebration responsible, enjoyable, and safe for the environment and skin. So, let's be environmentally friendly and bring colour to our lives and the globe.